Other sites and sources of interest

https://www.dyslexicacademic.com/blog – a blog about navigating the academy with neurodiversity by the wonderful Dr Kate West.

https://carceralgeography.com/tag/carceral-geography/ – wonderful webpages of the carceral geography working group, including the blog, details of up coming events and a wealth of resources established by the awesome Prof. Dominique Moran

https://prisonbag.com/ – beautifully written blog documenting the pains of imprisonment felt by those on the outside

https://www.compen.crim.cam.ac.uk/ – Long running blog with wide-ranging contributions stimulated by the Cambridge comparative penology project

https://www.maslaha.org/Project/Time-to-End-the-Silence – Important insight in to Muslim experiences of prison in the wake of the Lammy report.

https://prisonism.co.uk/ – musings, commentary, blogs, audio readings from Carl Cattermole (who’s “prison: a survival guide” contains many things about the ins and outs of prison life it took me years to learn. Anyone entering in to prison research for the first time would do well to read this first, as well as those it is intended to help).