Guidelines for contributors

Our hope is to encourage a more creative, less formal reflection on sensory aspects of the field than is more commonly found in “conventional” approaches to criminology. What we mean by this will become clearer as our collection of contributions grows but hopefully we have a sufficient amount of information here to give you a flavour of what we are attempting to do.

While we are academics, we would ideally host contributions from people with a range of backgrounds and experience. The point is to develop ideas and share a conversation. If you would like to write a post please do get in touch. We are also happy to attach a link of your choice to your contribution as a means of mutual traffic-boosting.

Contributions should be around 800-2000 words inclusive. Can you recall memories of sensory experience of some aspect of criminal/social justice where these played a part in how your understanding of this event/place/experience developed. How? What did it feel like? Were there particularly prominent smells, tastes or sounds? What did these tell you about what it was to be in these spaces, or at this time?

We also hope to experiment with a range of media as our skills and confidence increase, so by all means reflect this in your contribution.

*Call for art* if you would like to share drawings to illustrate posts or for inclusion in a separate archive please do contact us.

If you want to run ideas past us feel free to get in touch either by e-mail or twitter (@SPenalities or our individual accounts)