Sensory Criminology

Sensory Criminology is a creative space to explore sensory experience of criminological concerns.

This blog is designed to accompany and extend themes and ideas introduced in our edited collection “Sensory penalities: exploring the sensory in spaces of punishment and social control” (Bingley: Emerald). Now available: – hardback released 8th February 2021.

Sensing surveillance

But this focus on new developments conceals how surveillance has long been a tool of colonial practices that continues to disproportionately impact the lifeworlds of colonised subjects, whilst sustaining the global violence of lingering empire (Browne, 2015; Ogasawara, 2019). Moreover, as Dubrofsky and Magnet (2015: 3) note in their influential text Feminist Surveillance Studies, focusing…

Making Sense of the Sensorium

In new and hectic environments, I experience this sensory overload as physical discomfort. Loud, sudden sound stings my ears, freezing my thoughts. I recoil from bright light which dazzles and discombobulates. I avoid touching and being touched in unfamiliar surrounds lest its novelty proves too intense and jars with my attempts to navigate space

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